WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad Review

Are you not sure about which web hosting is best for you? WebHostingPad gives you exactly what you are searching for. A great company that has been very well established for over four years in the web hosting business, WebHostingPad has earned many excellent reputations in market as one of the most cost efficient web hosting provider available in the market. It is hard to find a high quality web hosting provider that will beat WebHostingPad’s prices and quality.

WebHostingPad gives lots of discounts, promotions, and lowest prices possible. Most web hosting will only offer you good deals if you do bulk deals. WebHostingPad gives unlimited disk space which is very crucial for when you are handling huge amount of data, unlimited bandwidth with which access is quicker and more efficient, unlimited domains that you can host on WebHostingPad. There is unlimited amount of e-mail space so you can handle large amounts of e-mails and databases are unlimited and with lots of great functionality.

The file transfer will not cost extra, and the transfer is extremely fast and effective. WebHostingPad will give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the service. The fees are all transparent so there are no hidden fees unlike some web hosting companies in the market. Many companies will try to trap customers with hidden fees with tiny fine prints at the bottom of the site.

Sometimes, WebHostingPad will offer insane discounts, such as $1.99 per month specials with unlimited disk space and bandwidth included. They have a free site builder that will help you make websites professionally that will do just as good of a job compared to paid programs that help you make websites.

The 24/7 live phone support is always friendly and they will do their best to help you out to get your web hosting running smoothly. WebHostingPad offers green solution to web hosting to help the environment.

If you do not take advantage of the locked $1.99 per month price, then the regular price is still just $3.95 which is not a bad deal. That price is tough to beat as many web hosting solutions with basic plans cost $5 and up.

A very important feature that WebHostingPad offers is that it provides virus and spam protection to make sure your hosting is safe without any malicious attacks. Malicious attacks can hurt your business as they can steal information from you or stop your site from running so WebHostingPad provides you with an ease of mind.

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